Falcon Dynamics specialise in gyro-stabilised products with main focus on low energy consumption, true portability and modularity.

All Falcon products are manufactured using high-quality titanium (Japan, USA), cut with state of the art waterjet machinery and welded with latest available welding technology for titanium. Materials such marine-grade aluminium or carbon fibre are optional.

All R&D including software is created in-house, providing ultimate flexibility and high level of customisation based on customers operational requirements.

Truly portable systems

Designed for autonomous operations in all environments

All components are developed as low energy consumers allowing long operational time

Re-defining meaning of soft-mount with its modularity and quick mounting option

Falcon is a portable, modular and multi-purpose sensor platform.

NOTE! The purpose of pictures and renderings published on this website is solely for conceptual illustration. Other options then non-lethal sensors or devices are subject of end-user assessment, end-user statement, R&D licensing and export license. Contact us for more information.